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  • August 10, 2015


There are many fun and exciting ways to experience New York City and I have enjoyed most of them.  Just walking the streets will fully immerse you in the fabric of what makes the city so dynamic and exciting.  The subway offers hours of people watching and entertainment and a leisurely cruise along either the Hudson or East River allows for a picturesque experience. Recently I was fortunate to experience the city from a very unique and exclusive vantage point.  Thanks to the services offered by Wings Air Helicopters I hovered 1500 ft. above the heart of the worlds most famous metropolis.  Wings Air’s unprecedented rights to skim the top of the Manhattan skyline and be able to quite literally wave to the people on top of the Empire State Building affords an experience that will last a lifetime. The take off and landing point is only a short drive from Manhattan at the Westchester County Airport in West Harrison NY and to be honest the short flight to the city, (about 8 minutes) in which the skyline comes into view immediately helps build the anticipation and excitement.

Check the video for a bird’s eye view of The Big Apple.

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