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  • December 06, 2013

What is it about cigars that associate them with class, prestige, cultural significance and artistry? As it turns out, a lot. Although we’d like to leave it up to you to determine the charm and sophistication that comes with a good cigar, we’d also like to provide nine exemplary mentions of American cigar lounges that embody plush and luxurious cigar smoking accommodations.

The below list of nine of the plushest cigar lounges is brought to you by 9cigars.


1. Grand Havana Room
Beverly Hills, CA
The Grand Havana Room is a member’s only cigar lounge that also includes a dining room and rarified cigars. Although the Grand Havana Room holds two distinct properties – one in New York and the other in Beverly Hills – you can expect to see more celebrities enjoying the Beverly Hills grounds which can only be entered via a private elevator. The centerpiece of the club is the humidor of humidors, a glassed-in room featuring 350 blond-wood lockers, each featuring the names of the who’s who in Hollywood and others who are happy to live a life of quiet opulence.

2. Vintage Wine & Cigars
Huntsville, AL
The 2-story cigar lounge at Vintage Wine & Cigars is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet evening or spark up a good conversation with Huntsville’s most sophisticated crowd. Complementing your favorite cigars are Vintage’s huge selection of imported wines and beers, all awaiting the opportunity to pleasure your palate. This is southern hospitality with an infusion of old world charm.

3. Club Macanudo
New York, NY
Nestled in the heart of New York’s Upper East Side, Club Macanudo is a stylish place to catch up with friends, conduct business and even bring your significant other. A state-of-the-art ventilation system makes this venue the perfect environment for smokers and non-smokers, and the connoisseur’s selection of food, drink and cigars is sure to please all of your guests. While Club Macanudo is open to the public it is not open to those who aren’t appropriately dressed.

4. Cigar Masters
Boston, MA
Cigar Masters originally set out to create an ambiance where fine cigars could be enjoyed while relaxing in a comfortable environment. Originally just a coffee and cigar stop, Cigar Masters has evolved to award such prestigious recognition as Boston’s Best, Top 10 in the Country by Cigar Aficionado and Top 20 Cigar Bars in the Country by GQ Magazine. Cigar Masters will not be seen in any advertisements, they rely strictly on word of mouth patronage and appreciate the fine art of conversation.

5. Havana Club
Baltimore, MA
Boasting the role as Baltimore’s hottest upscale nightclub, Havana Club delivers while offering beautifully appointed settings with lush leather chairs, private seating areas, and an extensive wine list. For those smokers who wish to mix cigars and nightlife, Havana Club offers an ideal locale for private parties or a night on the town.

6. Burn by Rocky Patel
Naples, FL
As if Rocky Patel’s name didn’t already precede him in the cigar world, this lounge will surely solidify him on the map of truly great cigar lounges. His lounge features an exotic mix of Mediterranean, Asian, and Cuban accents, and of course the full line of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars and those of other notable manufactures. Burn offers both indoor and outdoor lounging areas and a full selection of cocktails, wines, reserves and cordials.

7. Casa De Montecristo
Chicago, IL
Chicago’s Casa De Montecristo is best known for a private VIP lounge that offers exclusive benefits and personalized services. Membership includes private access, private humidified lockers, a business conference room, a theater room and more. Casa De Montecristo is an ideal venue for business, relaxation, or a classy location to enjoy sporting events.

8. Ashton Cigar Bar
Philadelphia, PA
Ashton is situated in the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City district, conveniently located on the top of Holt’s Cigar Company, the city’s oldest cigar store. Exposed brick walls, wood floors and ceilings, modern furniture and chandelier lighting are all comfortable accents to Ashton’s selection of 200 premium cigars, 250 whiskies and 400 total spirits. Comfortable leather seats and state-of-the-art ventilation make this cigar lover’s oasis a pleasurable experience beyond expectation.

9. Corona Cigar
Orlando, FL (Downtown location)
Situated in vibrant Downtown Orlando, Corona Cigar is known for its wide selection of cigars, wine and spirits and comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. Authentic Nicaraguan furniture, Latin music and one of the world’s largest selections of fine Cognacs, aged single-malt Scotches, small-batch bourbons, prohibition-era whiskies and pre-embargo Cuban rums make this locale one of a kind. Stop by for a drink or choose from over two million in stock cigars. Don’t be surprised if one of your favorite cigar icons is sitting across from you; Corona Cigar attracts the likes of famous international cigar makers such as Carlos and Carlito Fuente, Jorge and Orlando Padron, Avo Uvezian, Rocky Patel, Don Pepin and many more.

Get Comfortable and Light up a Smoke
Plush cigar lounges are popping up all over the country and there is a good chance there is one near you. If not, make it a point to stop by one of these unique destinations and enjoy the life well lived while smoking on your favorite stogie.

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