Crawford currently contributes to the following media outlets, providing potential opportunity for your brand on those pages.


EAT LOVE SAVOR is the foremost advocate of intelligent, informative
editorials, interviews, and features, guiding readers through a world of
premier global luxury goods, services, and experiences







AskMenWhether he is sipping Scotch, installing a new entertainment system or buying his first car, the AskMen male seeks to become a Better Man in all aspects of his life. And, what’s more, he also has a wide social network, across which he tends to share his interests and influence. 15 Million  Readers per month.





Break Media is the web’s largest online video advertising network serving over a billion videos every month.  Its audience of over 100 million web users a month actively engages with high quality content that spans all genres and appeals to all interests.  With powerful technology, advanced tools and team of dedicated experts, you can harness the strength of its huge network and reach a highly targeted audience with breakthrough creative solution.




Launchpad is your dedicated source for the latest Sea Ray news, engaging lifestyle content, helpful how-tos and rewarding special offers.




SeaRay2Sea Ray Living is a boating lifestyle magazine designed to encourage and help owners enjoy their boats as much as possible by showing them the compelling lifestyle Sea Ray makes possible. Its focus is on real people actively using their boats.Offering world-class photography and writing, Sea Ray Living stories are both entertaining and informative: boat reviews and technology articles educate; owner profiles and event write-ups shine the spotlight on specific families; and travel pieces highlight novel destinations, both easily accessible places and those more exotic. Sea Ray Living Special Edition publications, available only online.




EchelonEstablished by a group of business, entertainment, media, video, and gaming enthusiasts in 2006, Echelon Marketing & Design is a New York, NY based media agency that specializes in bringing targeted video & advertising to a wide network of resources. They are the premier online source for communities interacting in the film, television, web video and music. The publishing network boasts unique global viewership in the millions. The company has already done an excellent job of  building a popular, appealing and active community – all crucial aspects in the foundation for growth. Echelon Marketing & Design’s goal is to increase the visibility of your company The remainder of this document articulates how we will approach this engagement, our ideas for the tactics that will address your needs.