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  • October 06, 2013

A common term used in the world of whisky is “Angel’s Share.” This is the name given to the volume of aging spirit lost in evaporation from the cask during maturation. There is a small rum company in the Cayman Islands called Seven Fathoms Rum who mature their rum in the most unique fashion, 7 fathoms under the sea. An ingenious method that allows the barrels to be rocked back and forth with the underwater currents causing agitation and maximum interaction between the wood of the cask and its contents, imparting deep profound flavor profiles. Though the evaporation rate is slightly less than that of the casks on terra firma, the mermaids can enjoy their share just like their heavenly cousins. Check out this article I wrote for to get a full insight into the delicious spirit that is Seven Fathoms Rum.

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