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  • June 11, 2014


Golf tribute

This week marks a significant chapter in the world of golf.  For the first time in U.S Open history, Pinehurst will host both the Men and Women’s tournaments in successional weeks.  The course will also showcase its redesign, which features a more rugged, uneven and jagged landscape.  This was a conscious decision by the resort and a testament to the genius of its original architect, Donald Ross.

As a native Scot, it gives me a great sense of pride to see a return to the essence and origins of the game and no one is more deserving of my gratitude than the people at SweetWood Golf.

Makers of traditional clubs, SweetWood Golf revives a craft that the club-makers of the early 20th century truly understood. Using various hardwoods as the “soul” of the club, these artisans scoured the hillsides to create a unique feel & touch unmatched by today’s equipment.


Part blacksmith & part carpenter, the early club makers were able to achieve a great deal despite modest resources. As a result, these products were beautiful but often crude and mechanically flawed. Accordingly, the past 80 years has been a technological race to develop the most powerful, lightweight and forgiving clubs.

But what happened to the simplicity? I asked Kerim Kfuri Owner of the SweetWood Golf Company

“We pride ourselves on being a “Life-Style Company” with a deep focus on artistic craftsmanship & unique products that revive a look, feel and performance that the old masters could have only dreamed about.”

There is also an element of tribute paid to game through SweetWood’s clubs and products. A deserving respect for the game by being conscious of attire and dressing with class, style and elegance.  The clubs and equipment compel the player to play the game with an emphasis on feel-based play and the development of a natural swing.

Are you ready to add some luxury style to your game today or if you have someone in your life who would appreciate the products of SweetWood Golf check out their website (link below)and use the Richard Crawford Luxury 20% discount for all products.

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